How much does SQLBench impact performance?

SQLBench causes minimal performance impact on SQL Server systems it is monitoring.

Our agent gathers telemetry by regularly querying various DMVs, system views and also collecting trace logs.

Collection of telemetry rarely has a noticeable impact, yet produces valuable insights for tuning systems so the net effect is almost always performance positive.

SQLBench's trace logging is pre-configured and, in some rare scenarios can cause minor performance impact. For such scenarios, we provide configurable options such as query cost threshold settings (Reads and / or Duration) and also an option to disable Statement level trace events if necessary.

How secure is SQLBench?

SQLBench is a secure platform which runs under a minimal permission configuration, without administrative level system access and without any access to data stored in user tables.

High level permissions such as sysadmin, control server or db_owner are simply not required and never requested by SQLBench.

SQLBench has never experienced unauthorised access but its minimal permission configuration would limit the scope of any escalation ability of an unauthorised actor, should that ever happen.

Queries captured in trace logs are de-parameterised within your environment before the remaining query templates are uploaded to our APIs, ensuring no business data ever leaves your environment.

The SQLBench Agent can be configured to log all data uploaded to our API into an audit directory should you wish to audit data being collected by SQLBench..

TLS levels to 1.3 are supported.

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